1. How to Learn English?

2. Phonics Principle

3. The Fragrance of the Literature

3.1 Novel

     . The Last Leaf: written by O. Henry
     . After Twenty Years : written by O.Henry
     . Farewell to Arms: written by Ernest Hemmingway
     . The Martyred: written by Richard E. Kim
     . Wuthering Heights: written by Emily Bronte

3.2 Poem

Rainbow Color: written by  Ms. Yon-ju, Hong
Poems of Robert Froust
     . Poems of William Wordsworth
Poem of De La Mare(England 1873~1956)

3.3 Play

     . Cinderella
     . The sound of Music

4. Essay

     .Childhood activities
     .Culture in North America

5. English Composition

     . Writing Effectively in Business
     . Business Letter for Trading
     . Keeping a Diary

6 Reading Comprehension for high level students

6.1 News
   . Today's News
   . Lost Egyption Cities Found

7. Story of Science


8. History

8.1 A brief history of Korea

9 Conversation

9.1 Basic Dialogue
9.2 Application Dialogue

10. Archive of Tales over the World

10.1 For Our Kids
      .The Wicked Queen
      . Heidi ( written by Johanna Spyri)
      . The big Snowball
         page 4~5, page 6~7, page 8~9, page 10~11, page 12~13, page 14~15, page 16~17, page 18~19, page 20~21, page 22~23, page 24~25
      . The Benny's Big Bubble
         page 4~5, page 6~7, page 8~9, page 10~11, page 12~13, page 14~15, page 16~17, page 18~19, page 20~21, page 22~23, page 24~25
         word-1, word-2, word-3, word-4   
      . Rose and Her Clock
        1장, 2장, 3장, 4장 5장
      . The Old man and His Umbrella
        1장, 2장, 3장, 4장,
        Vocabulary for Rose and Her Clock & The old man and his umbrella.  1장, 2장, 3장  4장

10.2 For Middle/High school students
      . The Garden
      . What is time?
10.3 High class students
      . The Great Stone Face
      . The Christmas Present
      . The Mister Mom

 11. Penpal over the World

     Introduction: For the mutal friendship and for the study of our beloved students, Let me introduce the letters of our friends as original ones. There are a few grammatical mistakes and misspelled words. It's your job to correct it.

1) Letter of Darlene
         (She lives in the country about 50 miles from Detroit Michigan. She is an old woman who runs a group home for the physically and mentally handicapped.)  
2) Letter of Jodi 
         (She lives in St. Paul, in the states of Minnesota. She is 24 years old. She works at a soundboard operator at a theatre. Also she works sometimes at a radio station, which is run by  volunteers. The station can be heard on the Internet.

3) Letter of Charlotte
         (She is a 4th grade student at Kratzer Elementary school. She is very kind and studious.  She is 9 years old.)
4) Letter of Sara
         (She I think may be 12 years old, lives with her family, wants to be a doctor)
5) Letter of Sandy
         (She is 50 years old, She works in a family owned business)
6) Letter of Carol 
         (She is 44 year old. She is a successful career woman as a system analyst. She seems to be happy with 7 children.)  Here is her family picture.

7) Letter of Debbie
       (She is 44 years old. She works 2 jobs for now Cleveland Clinic as a Security Dispatcher and Naples Community Hospital as a Secretary)

12. About America

12.1 The history of America
12.2 Holiday
     1) Thanksgiving Day
     2) Valentine's Day
     3) Two Presidents
     4) Easter
     5) Memorial Day
     6) Independence Day
     7) Halloween Day
     8) Columbus Day

13. Wild Life

13.1 Panda

14. Adventure

15. Grammar

15.1 관계대명사
15.2 사역동사
15.3 문장
15.5 문장의 형식
15.6 문장의 종류

16.  Song
   Children's song

      . My Bonnie-melody
      . Jingle Bell-melody
      . Merry Christmas-melody
      . Good Morning-melody
      . Santa is coming to town-melody
      . Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-melody
      . Song of ABC's -melody
      . London Bridge-melody